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Rolling Hills Quick Impressions

Already, just a couple hours removed from our latest investigation, Rolling Hills Asylum. First of all, holy crap it was cold. Why we continue to book here in late November, I'll never know, but yeah. Cold, cold, cold. So, outside of that, a good time as always. A few things were heard, that we're hoping were captured for further evaluation. Some possible voices, bangs and footsteps. One such instance, in the morgue, we heard what were footsteps above us. We all thought it was possibly Sharon in the green room. It sounded like the noisy upstairs neighbor walking very heavy footed. So, when we later returned, we asked if she was walking around. When she said no, we were dumbfounded. Also, the building has pretty think concrete floors. Not that would had made the same sound. So, we're interested to go back over that. Also, myself and another investigator also heard footsteps in the basement, yet another team was two floors above us.

Also, some interesting Spirit box responses in the chapel area. Again, we need to go back over them, but sounded as if there were some pretty clear responses to our questions. Another team also reported hearing voices in the "shadow hallway". We also let a handful of equipment running in that hallways, all with amble battery time, and upon returning, a camera and audio recorder were completely dead. Again, not saying that was an act of a spirit, however, we were experiencing other battery issues with other equipment in that hallway previously, so it certainly lends itself to further investigation. I also felt a shove on my arm in Emma's room. Had I been wearing different clothing, I may have brushed it off. However, I was wearing very flexible thermal layers, none which would have given any type of feeling such as I experienced. Possible something else was recorded at that time, so we can only hope right now.

I don't believe I had any one "oh my God" experience, but overall, a decent feeling throughout the building. Time seemed to fly by, and having a smaller group investigate such a large building certainly gave us plenty of areas to explore. The cold was brutal, not going to lie. It forced us back to the green room more often than we would have liked to warm up, otherwise there would have been no way to continue. It was around 32-33 degrees in the builder, per our Mel Meter, and it felt much colder. After about a 30 minute trip, you were definitely feeling it. Trying to remain still and listen for anything going on was difficult. There was also quite the breeze outside. We seem to have bad luck with that. Welcome to Western New York, I suppose. So we will have to fight through a bit of that. All-in-all, it left us wanting more, which is all you can ask. We'll have some long hours of review ahead of us, so stay tuned