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Iron Island Wrap-Up

So, it was an interesting night. Despite having to fight Buffalo Bills traffic, we did make it on time....barely. But, we quickly jumped right into things. While there was still daylight to burn, we figured we'd start in the basement. It had a bit of that weird feeling to it, so it seemed promising. That, of course, could just be because it's a creepy basement of an old funeral home, but I digress. After what seemed like no activity, we gave the ol' spirit box a try. Initially, it seemed as if we were getting responses. We have yet to go back over the audio in detail, but we though we were getting somewhere. Then, as fast as it got going, it died down. And not just the basement...everything. But, that happens from time to time. You win some, you lose some. We split up for a while going into different rooms, figuring the solo approach would draw something out, but to no avail. We setup some static cameras and then moved back to the basement. And yet still, it seemed to have nothing going. No eerie feelings, or odd noise or, well, anything to report really. And it's kind of a shame, as we know there has been some good luck there. But, we didn't let it get us down and pressed on. In fact, if gave us an opportunity to try some new approaches and use, pretty much, every piece of equipment we brought. So, if there is a silver lining, that was it. We took the opportunity to better ourselves as much as we could. To end the night, we sent each person out solo, while the others kept clear. I know myself, I didn't have much of anything different happen, and it sound like Jeff and Colleen had much of the same. But right about 3:00 AM, as we were just about to call it, we heard something going off. My initial reaction was it's the Shadow Detector going off, setup in the back hall. But as Jeff and I headed over there, it wasn't. We stop for a moment and followed the sound, and it dawned on us it was the REM pod. We had set the REM pod up hours before in the front hallway. We put it on top of one of the glass display cases, and really forgot about it. As we got turned the corner to the hall, it stopped. We gave it the old college try once more, but to no avail. So, we packed up with hours and hours of audio and video to go over.

I do enjoy the place and love hearing the stories, but leaving without an experience is tough. Hopefully, the evidence review will make up for it. Here's hoping we can get through it faster than we have been able to get through the Pennhurst stuff. On that note, look out for more Pennhurst media to be posted soon. Some good stuff, as well. But I believe there is STILL a handful of audio to go over. It's just been one of those busy summers.

Until next time...