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Currently we are not expanding the number of GTS members at this time. As we are trying to establish ourselves, we are simply performing investigations with the core group, and partner paranormal groups. However, this could change in the future. If you would like to contact us and send us your information, we will gladly be in touch if this changes, or we are looking for more people for an upcoming investigation.

Yes. Once an investigation is complete, we will get through all recordings as quickly as possible. Depending on the amount of equipment used and recording done, this could take a few days to a couple weeks. Once our review is complete, we will provide, electronically, access to all evidence recorded for you do download and do as you please. If requested, we can also provide a review of the evidence personally. We will then post the top evidence to your website. If this was done in a residence or private business, all posting to the web will be kept anonymous as to the location unless explicit permission is granted otherwise.

We DO NOT charge for an investigation, as have no plans to charge for investigations. We do however accept donations which would be used to upgrade or purchase new equipment or pay for any travel expenses. Once details can be worked out with the homeowner for access to the location of an evening with few, or preferably no, others in the house. If that is not possible, other arrangements can be made. The may be times we will request the homeowner to be present for some of the investigation in order to draw out any activity. Please contact us for more details.