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Rolling Hills Quick Impressions

Already, just a couple hours removed from our latest investigation, Rolling Hills Asylum. First of all, holy crap it was cold. Why we continue to book here in late November, I'll never know, but yeah. Cold, cold, cold. So, outside of that, a good time as always. A few things were heard, that we're hoping were captured for further evaluation. Some possible voices, bangs and footsteps. One such instance, in the morgue, we heard what were footsteps above us. We all thought it was possibly Sharon in the green room. It sounded like the noisy upstairs neighbor walking very heavy footed.

Iron Island Wrap-Up

So, it was an interesting night. Despite having to fight Buffalo Bills traffic, we did make it on time....barely. But, we quickly jumped right into things. While there was still daylight to burn, we figured we'd start in the basement. It had a bit of that weird feeling to it, so it seemed promising. That, of course, could just be because it's a creepy basement of an old funeral home, but I digress. After what seemed like no activity, we gave the ol' spirit box a try. Initially, it seemed as if we were getting responses.

Why your own group, why now? What can we expect?

Hi everybody! I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Dennis Delaney, and I figured I'd take a moment to answer a couple questions everybody is asking me. First, I'm always asked, why did you get into this? I've always been intrigued with the idea of the paranormal. I was always curious about what else could possibly be out there that one a day-to-day basis, most of us never even consider. And with the popularity of shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, it brought to light so many places to experience this other side of things, even some very close to home.

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